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Jin Li Cheng spinning has two production bases, which are located in Zengcheng District, stone town Lixin Road No. 111: Guangzhou City, Zengcheng Jin Li Cheng textile factory is located in Zengcheng; and the town of Xintang Long Yu Yuhua Road No. 12 Guangzhou Kangsheng Textile Co. ltd.. Is a professional production of denim yarn, annual production of more than 10000 tons of enterprise entities

The spinning production base has air spinning and ring spinning two categories, a total of six independent blowingcarding system, the raw materials for the production of cotton, chemical fiber, synthetic fiber, blended with four kinds of air spinning equipment. The main varieties of products, widely covered yarn, denim fabrics of different grade requirements of yarn especially good at mass OE yarn, Siro slub slub and gas development and production, and the production of special blended yarn.