JINLICHENG is founded in 1990. It started with cotton production, after 34 years's development, as well as its love and continuous investment in the textile industry. Based on production and operating advantages, it has a complete industrial chain production of cotton, spinning, weaving, and clothing. Focusing on denim is the motivation of JINLICHENG.

Jinlicheng's manufacturing factory is fully equipped and has excellent performance. It is one of the representatives of top international equipment manufacturers in spinning, weaving and manufacturing equipment.

JINLICHENG has the hardware advantages of advanced equipment. For spinning, it has introduced advanced equipment such as Schlafhorst from Germany, Rieter from Switzerland, and Murata from Japan, and weaving denim imported equipment such as the Italy K88 and Belgium  Picale. We are using computerized intelligent lifting systems to operate the production.

We build a professional team, and each department has strict compliance rules, such as production supervision, quality inspection etc.  With our professionally trained sales to customers and high-quality after-sales service, we aim to meet customer satisfaction.

The production process is related to market demand and customer orders. In terms of cost control, quality assurance, product diversification, sufficient supply, on-time delivery, high-cost performance, etc, we have unique prerequisites. In sum, we accept market information and challenges and always maintain competitive advantages and survivability.

Coporate Concepts
Aiming at differentiation, we strive to make every idea viable.
Corporate Culture
Never give up!
Do things with a problem-solving mindset. We love our industry.
Coporate's Advantages
Advanced and sophisticated production equipment,  provide professional technical support, provide the best quality product and professional services dedicated to our customers.
Vietnam Department
Sales Operation Department
Spinning Production Department
Textile Production Department
Vietnam Department
Jinlicheng (Vietnam) Textile Co., Ltd is located in Long An Province, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It was founded in January 2018. It is one of the most important investment projects of Jinli Seng Textile in Vietnam.
With the Chinese spinning professional management team as the core, it mainly focuses on denim fabrics and only produces fully automatic air-jet spinning.
There are currently 19 original German Schlafhorst Autoco series spinning machines with 6984 heads. There are no restrictions to imported US cotton and Australian cotton in  Vietnam. We specialize in making high-quality denim fabric yarn, reaching a monthly production capacity of 2,500 tons of OE yarn.

Sales Operation Department
The Sales and Operations Department is the business headquarters of Jinsheng and the main door for JINLICHENG’s products to the market.The main business is fabric sales, the main fabrics, washboards, and jeans on display. Besides, there are dedicated denim clothing sample rooms.

Spining Production Department
The spinning production base has two categories: rotor spinning and ring spinning. There are six independent blowing and carding systems. The production raw materials are divided into four categories: pure cotton, chemical fibre, synthetic fibre, and blended spinning. Rotor spinning equipment is the primary production equipment.

We use light radiation effects on yarns, which cover the types of yarn in different grades of denim fabrics. We are especially good at the development and production of OE yarn, Silo spinning slubs and open-end yarn slubs, as well as the production of blended yarns.
Textile Production Department
The Textile Production Department is an important department that is responsible for the processing of Jinlicheng denim fabrics.
The primary equipment adopts Italian computerized high-speed looms, which have the advantages of product development and continuous innovation.
Vietnam Spining Department
JINLICHENG believes that honesty is the key to keeping the relationship stable and longer, and sharing the benefits could achieve a win-win situation. We keep it as the corporate culture of JINLICHENG.

We concentrate on contracts and keeping promises. We insist on using our professional knowledge to provide customers with high-quality denim fabrics, yarn and clothing.

"Focus on customers" is the eternal compass for the healthy development of JINLICHENG.